The Valence Group Launches Innovative Benchmarking and Stock Performance Tool

The Valence Group has launched The Valence Global Chemicals Indices, a unique benchmark and share performance tool for the diversified global chemicals industries.

The Valence Global Chemicals Indices break down the overall chemicals sector into more than 30 sub-sectors in order to track their individual share performance. Chemical sub-sectors’ stock performance can now be measured relative to each other, as well as to broader share price indices.

Sub-sector developments can be extracted and analysed in many ways. The fertiliser industry, for example, has been the best performer over the past five years, reflective of the increasing need for food and rising commodity prices globally. In contrast, the worst performer has been the biofuels industry, due in part to skepticism over government resolve to support alternative energy sources and the on-going debate over diverting resources (corn etc.) from the food chain to biofuels production.

The Valence Global Chemicals Indices hence facilitate comparison of specific companies to the performance of a directly relevant peer group, rather than a less comparable broad ‘chemicals’ index. Importantly, the various indices can also provide useful leading economic indicators, as chemicals are often key elements of many production processes, applied at a very early stage in the manufacturing and supply chain.

Commenting on the indices, Partner Peter Hall said “Chemicals sub-sector indices with this level of granularity have not previously existed. They provide highly accessible insights into the performance of this complex industry at a much more detailed level than just ‘commodity’ and ‘specialty’ – increasingly meaningless phrases. They also provide a great leading view on what is happening on the manufacturing floors around the world and are a great bellwether for the economy as a whole.”

About The Valence Group

The Valence Group is a specialist investment bank offering M&A advisory services exclusively to companies and investors in the chemicals, materials and related sectors. The Valence Group team includes a unique combination of professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, strategic consulting and senior management within the chemicals and materials industries, all focused exclusively on providing M&A advisory services to the chemicals and materials sector. The senior members of The Valence Group have collectively more than 350 years of experience, and have advised on more than 200 closed transactions valued cumulatively over $85 billion and spanning more than 80 different chemicals/materials subsectors. The firm’s offices are located in New York, London and Shanghai.